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Ice Cream Maker

OK Gang one of the things I miss in the summer now I am off the cow juice is ice cream. I see in the local Whole Foods that they have some soy ice cream but the price is ridiculous!

So I was thinking of making my own ice cream and was wondering if anyone had any ice cream maker recommendations or don't buys to help me in my quest?

Thanks in advance for your help!


I have a Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker and an extra freezer drum so I can make more than one batch. It works great, but you really have to have the drums in the freezer for a good 24 hrs to get them really frozen solid cold, and if the house is really hot/humid, the ice cream doesn't freeze as solid. I imagine these problems would be the same though with other ice cream makers.


I have the ice cream maker attachment to my kitchen aid which came highly recommended but I haven't used it yet. 

If you have kids, or just want to have a bit of fun, I understand there is an ice cream maker in the shape ofa ball and you fill it up and then kick it around your living room like a soccer ball (instead of the traditional stirring method). I always thought that sounded like fun but I never got one since we live in an apartment and I'm sure it would have gotten us evicted.


I really don't understand why people love ice cream on summer days. The sugar will only make you feel hotter than ever. I understand that our metabolism works double time when it is burning sweet foods. So, what I do is just mix different fruits and put lots of shave ice on top of them. Add some milk if you want. Manitowoc Ice Machine


i hate that my delicious homemade vegan ice cream is hard as a rock once i put it in the freezer :( it is sooooo perfect right when it's done... does anyone have a recipe that doesn't produce rock-hard ice cream?


I want some soft serve icecream sooooo much.  It is so frustrating to go somewhere that has 2 or 3 soft serve machines and you're just like OMMGG why couldnt one be soy icecream!?

I havent tried to make homemade icecream yet but I will if anyone has some cheap icecream solutions :-)

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