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Canned Condensed Soup

Greetings... I was wondering if anyone knew of a vegan option to replace condensed cream of mushroom or celery soup. My MIL makes a rice casserole that is a family favorite that relies heavily on Campbell's cream of mushroom soup (celery works, too). I'd love to be able to make this for my hubby, but can't find condensed "cream of" soups at our local co-op. Online searches only net recipes for homemade soups, but I'm really looking for a canned replacement that I can pull out of the pantry to make the casserole. Any suggestions?

Thanks much!

I use Vegenaise with some kind of non-dairy milk to thin it, then add canned mushrooms or some celery. Vegenaise gives it that great creamy texture. Hope this works for you, too. :)



Honestly there are so many awesome and easy to make vegan cream of..soups (I just had cream of asparagus soup last night using potato, asparagus, onion, garlic, veggie broth, and almond milk and then blended it when cooked) that I can't imagine why one would want to resort to processed canned stuff.  it might take an extra fifteen minutes, but for the taste and nutrition it is well worth it!  You can also control how thick and creamy you want it by adding less liquid.  

There are homemade gravies you can make in minutes too, such as melting some earth balance butter or coconut oil in a pan, adding some flour and spices and then a plant milk or water and thickening.  You can throw in mushrooms or onions or whatever too.  Makes a nice gravy (1/4 cup flour will yield four servings) that can be added to casseroles or pasta or over mashed potatoes.  Takes five minutes to make.  

That said, I believe you can find prepackaged gravy mixes that are vegan in healthfood stores and some larger grocery chains.  Hain and Simply Organic are two brands that come to mind, and they come in envelopes.  You just pour contents into a pan, add water and stir over low heat til it thickens.  Then pour into your casserole and bake.  

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