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Chocolate Silk Pie

What you need: 

1 9" pie crust
12 ounces very good quality vegan chocolate
12 ounces silken soft tofu
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

What you do: 

1. Preheat oven and bake pie crust according to package directions. Melt chocolate in microwave or double boiler, and let cool until its warm, not hot.
2. While chocolate is melting, put the tofu into a blender or food processor, and blend until smooth. Add the chocolate and blend again until smooth. Add the vanilla and blend.
3. Pour into pie crust and refigerate for 1 hour, and serve at room temperature.

Preparation Time: 
10 minutes
Cooking Time: 
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I just made this for dessert tonight (Valentine's Day). I tasted the chocolate filling already and it's soooo good. 


I am the only vegan in my family and my immediate family is very open to trying vegan dishes. I had other family come in from out of town and after a huge meal, I served this "failing" to mention it was vegan...everyone! and i mean everyone, wanted more! THANK YOU


Absolutely fantastic.
I used half milk chocolate, half bitter chocolate to take the edge off a bit.


I so want to try this.


Goodness, this is versatile! In addition to the pretty berry version in the pictures, I have since made one with a banana layer (literally half the filling, a layer of sliced bananas, and the rest of the filling with banana flowers and Butterflies on top, but I'm sure the banana layer could be made more fancy), one with a peanut butter layer, and one with peppermint aroma. This is my favorite desert to make and eat! It's so quick, easy, and delicious!


this is a simple and delightful recipe.  I, too, wait until after the rave reviews to reveal that it's tofu!  Oh - and Keebler graham crusts are not vegan.  They have 'sugar'.  When not specified this most often means white, refined sugar, which is not vegan.  Try Raw, Turbinado, Demerara or Cane Sugar/Juice instead.  Trader Joe's makes vegan chocolate chips as well as some other brands.  Google "Vegan Chocolate Chips'.   


I actually signed up solely to review this recipe.
I've made it three time so far, always making my own pie shell, because we don't have them where I live. Every time I was the only vegan present, I don't think anyone else was even vegetarian.

I was asked for the recipe every single time. Twice by men. The omnis didn't believe me at first when I told them they were not, in fact, eating a butter cream pie and were astounded to hear that it might not go straight to their hips after all (and that anything containing that much tofu could be this good).

My favorit variation of it so far is this: spread the chocolate mousse in the pie shell, press fresh strawberries into it, top with wipped cream and refrigerate. Sprinkle with grated chocolate before serving.

I've only been vegan for just over a month, and impressing people with vegan dessert treats is a great antidote to the pitying looks I sometimes get when omnis think about all the "great" food I "can't" eat anymore ;-)


I really like this basic recipe for chocolate mousse, however, I like to use a little less chocolate. Since it's so rich, I prefer to use 8 oz of chocolate, or about 2/3 of the bag. I think this is plenty sweet enough, and the mousse is still stiff enough to stand up when you slice the pie. It's also super yummy with a 1/2 teaspoon of almond extract in it, then toasted sliced almonds sprinkled on top. Yummy!


This recipe was so easy and unbelievably good. My extremely non-vegan boyfriend loved this as well.  I will definitely be making more of this in the future.


I loved this idea, and I definitely loved the end product. I made it for a family cookout, and when I said that the "chocolate cream pie" was made of tofu, everyone looked at their plates for some rational explanation. They are all traditional Portuguese cooks, and "non-dairy" isn't in their vocabulary. They devoured it anyway.

Instead of vanilla extract, I used 3/4 cup of Oregon (Vegan) Chai Mix. Worked great as a sweetener, but if you want a strong chai flavor, you'd have to add more than I did.



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