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Tofu Presses: what do I buy?!

So, I love tofu. I appreciate its role in cuisine, its afforability, and its taste. However, it is a b*tch to press. I don't like using a roll of paper towels just to enjoy yummies.
Who has a tofu press? Any brand suggestions? I'm a little iffy to go by amazon reviews or whatnot, because who knows who writes them. I trust you guys ;) Any advice would be lovely.

Hi! I only use  paper towels to press my tofu if I'm in a hurry. What I usually  do is to cut the tofu in half  to make two thiner slices, and  I put it in a cutiing board with something underneath to make it a bit inclined. Then I place another cutting board over the tofu and put some weight on top of that, some plates work just fine. This way you won't need to spend extra money, and you won't  have another gadget in your kitchen. Hope it helps. :)


I have the TofuExpress one.  It's rather pricey for the simplicity of it, but it does indeed work handy and well.  I'm glad I bought it.


I know this is an oldy, but I also love my tofuxpress press. I usually put the block in while I'm just starting to prep everything so by the time I need it, it's all ready. Much easier (and environmentally friendly) than using 8 million paper towels- I use to be guilty of this, as well!


I love to eat Tofu Parmigiana when my mom serve with with a simple crisp green salad, angel hair pasta and garlic bread.

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