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Vegan supermarket bread

Hi all you lovely vegan,vegetarians and everyone else!I'm looking for a vegan off the shelve wheat bread?Anyone know a decent brand?

Hi, I sent you a private email in response to yours, but I thought I would post here too for the benefit of others.

There are two store brands of bread that I am aware of that are vegan friendly (not all of the flavors or types, but some of them):


Ezekiel bread (if you have a soy allergy watch out with this one as it does have soybeans in it).

You can find the Ezekiel breads in the freezer section.  Because it does not have a lot of chemicals or preservatives in it, this is how they keep it fresh.  For the Rudi bread, if you go to their website you can type in your zipcode and it lists stores near there that carry it.

In addition to these options, shop around (online or in store or call) local bakeries, especially the more progressive organic ones.  Sometimes they make vegan friendly breads without honey and chemicals and preservatives with questionable animal ingredients.  I am fortunate to have at least one of these in my town. 

Making your own bread can also be very economical and you control what goes in it.  You can make two or three loaves at once and freeze what you won't use right away.  I mostly make my own breads if I eat bread at all.  It requires very few ingredients to make bread. If you don't want to take the time to knead, there is a bread recipe on here that is a no knead bread.  I have had great success with it and it is much quicker to make.  It all comes together in the pan.  The only real work is the waiting part for the bread to rise and to bake.

Lastly, if you can not find a vegan bread in the grocery you frequent, you can speak to management and request that they carry a particular brand you are interested in.  I did this with coconut milk SoDelicious yogurts.  They did not carry them in the grocery store I frequent, but do at the Whole Foods Coop I shop at also.  I contacted the manager and asked if they would carry them.  I explained that I am vegan but also have developed a soy allergy.  I also made sure to tell them I have been a customer there for fifteen years and I am grateful for the alternative and organic products (including produce) that they provide for reasonable prices compared to other places.  Within a month I had my yogurt on the shelves!  I sent them a thank you note and that I would spread the word for their great customer service and sensitivity to vegan needs.  It's worth a try if you can't find something in your store.  Hope this helps!


At the supermarket no. How I wish they did though.


I see that the Americas choice bagels except the egg and honey ones of course are vegan.

I don't see anything unvegan in there but please do correct me if I'm wrong.

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