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App for vegetarians and vegans



my name is Mareike and I immediately thought of VegWeb when I was looking for people who might be interested in the project I have been a part of.

I work for a very small company that has been providing the highest German authority for nutrition with their nutrition optimization software until recently.

We are very passionate about healthy, sustainable nutrition, which goes hand in hand with vegetarian- and veganism.


tl,dr There is a great app ("FoodNavi") to help people with a balanced, wholesome, vegetarian, vegan or mixed diet (iPhone only at this time)


A lot of people are struggling with eating healthy while adhering to a vegetarian or vegan diet.


While we normally focus on professional software to optimize diets, we have now ventured out into the app market, trying to compress such a complex topic into a small app.

Instead of focusing on single nutrients or calories the app "FoodNavi" zooms in on the (10) food groups and uses an individualized approach. The recommendations are based on a personal profile, including the activity level. You log your intake for a week and get your "healthy eating index". From there you can start working on eating healthier in the following weeks.

The app comes loaded with additional information about the food groups, including health and climate related information.

While weight normalization (loss or gain, depending on the person's starting point) should occur, there is also a weight loss function if the user wants to speed up the process.

It is still a work in progress but the basic functions alone provide the user with a competent program to start working on their diet.


We are also working on "extensions" of the app that are specifically geared to provide nutritional guidance (same functions as the original app) for diabetics, people suffering from celiac disease (gluten-intolerance) and for cardio-vascular prevention. They are in the testing phase and will hopefully be available by the end of next month.


There is a little more information here

and a quick tutorial here

Link to the app store:




Please feel free to ask me any questions and I will answer to the best of my abilities!





Official press briefing:


Press Briefing 1. update „FoodNavi“ 8.6.2012 GOE mbH, Linden, Mareike Lott


Weight Loss On The Go


"FoodNavi" has been guiding hundreds of users towards a healthy diet structure in the past two months. The developers are very happy about this development and have responded to the constructive feedback:

Amongst a few small improvements the new version now offers a weight loss option. The energy content of the target diet is reduced in compliance with official recommendations.

Low-calorie foods in general are a major component of a wholesome diet. This results in an "eat more - weigh less" diet instead of the popular concept of eating less.

This type of dietary change, if accompanied by the right choice of foods (lots of vegetables and fruits) and combined with endurance exercise, is considered the only appropriate strategy for a sustainable weight loss in many respects.


The app is now also available in English.


The basic functions have remained almost unchanged in this update:

A descriptive target circle with ten food groups is calculated after the user enters the personal information (gender, age, height, weight, activities and desire to lose weight)

The intake of a whole week is recorded and visualized on a colored bar.

This bar shows if the consumed amounts are within a desirable range or if they deviate critically. Therefore, the user can immediately tell if an increase or decrease would improve the health assessment.


General information about a wholesome nutrition and climate concerns are available.


The evaluation of varying intake amounts took place beforehand using professional nutrition software; they  are summarized into an index. This so-called "Healthy-Eating-Index" (HEI-UGB) represents how close the user is to optimal structures.


"FoodNavi" has been developed for iOS in cooperation with nutritionists and dieticians,

as well as with competent institutions by the GOE ( FoodNavi is available in the App Store for 1,59 €.




GOE mbH – An der Ziegelei 21 A – 35440 Linden, Germany – Tel: +49 (0)6403-9796725 -



I think offering an app like this would be so amazing to create and use. I would see so many people taking advantage of this so much here. I see so many benefits from using an app. Great idea here.

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