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poor kitty

so...we got this family cat the summer before I left for college and she still isn't spayed like 4 years later, my dad doesn't think its necessary because she has never been outdoors.....but, she in heat... She seems so miserable the poor baby. I feel bad. My dad's dog keeps sniffing her butt...and you know she like the attention. ::) ummm already then.

Is it true that you cannot get a cat spayed while she is in heat? Like a dog.
Is it further true that once a cat has gone through too many heat cycles she stays in heat almost continually? If both of the above are true, then how do shelters spay older cats? Can't a cat like, get tumors if they don't get spayed or something?

I don't have answers for you, but if your dad is worried about the cost, he might be able to get her fixed at low or no cost at an animal clinic, the pound, check the website if they have one.
I would get very annoyed having to listen to a cat in heat!  (And I love em!)


I believe that cats who are not spayed are more suceptable to certain cancers.  You can get a cat spayed while in heat but most vets do not recommend it.  It is harder on the cat and there are more risks (and it's more expensive).  So she is about 5 years old?  That's not too old for a spay.  I think it would be better to do it now (but after the heat cycle) then to wait until she gets any older.  I don't know if I'm 100% on all this so if someone can correct me, please do. 


Aww poor kitty cat.  I used to work for a vet & he charged something like an extra $20 if the cat was in heat because the surgery takes a little longer due to the engorged tissue.  The surgery is NOT any riskier if the cat is in heat.  Also, once they go into heat, it's pretty much continuous.  Even if she is not yowling & carrying on her reproductive organs may still be enlarged, so you'll still have to pay extra.  Usually the Humane Society or ASPCA offer discounted spay/neuter rates if price is an issue for you.  Also, don't worry she is not too old.  The sooner you do it the better - kitty is very uncomfortable in a constant state of heat.


Older cats can most definitely be spayed--I've never heard of the continuous heat thing.  We took in a pregnant stray last year who was about 3 or 4 and got her spayed after her kittens were weaned.  They did charge us more because she apparently was still in heat (she's a goofy cat, so it was hard to tell when she was and wasn't in heat), but she snapped out of it just fine.  Make sure to ask for pain meds, though.  Not all vets require them (unfortunately) and may not offer them if you don't ask.  She received medication while under anesthesia and then had some to take at home for about 3 days.  They knocked her out, but I think it helped her heal faster because she wasn't very active, thus reducing the risk of ripping her stitches and things getting infected.  I would say that when you think she's done with her heat cycle, it is safe to take her in.  The procedure might just take a little longer because her blood vessels are more dilated.

And, yes, intact females are much more likely to get mammary tumors and reproductive tumors.  Since she has already had numerous heat cycles, she's still at an increased risk of mammary tumors, but spaying her will eliminate reproductive tumor possibilities (obviously because she doesn't have those parts anymore) and will reduce her risk of mammary tumors.  In addition to tumors, pyometra is a very serious condition that can occur in female cats, though more commonly in female dogs.  Here's some info on it:


I think I'll check around for spay clinics or something. I know the other day I saw a thing about low cost rabies clinics...I bet if i call them they can point me in the right direction...also, will check on line. It's kinda funny to watch her be all flirty (when her butts not in the air) she wants to rub her head against you and give sideways glances and otherwise just act adorable. But I imagine that its really unpleasant for her...cant cats like, ahem, "take care of themselves"?

Oh, her name is Pixie. When i brought her home from the farm she was born at...she sat comfortably in the pocket of my overalls.... :)>>> :)>>> Shes a cutie, in case you were wondering. ::)


Zealia, check out this site:

You can purchase spay certificates for cheaper than most vets charge for spaying.  The only thing is, you have to find a vet in your area that will accept them.  On the website you can put in your zip code and they will list vets in your area that will accept those certificates.  Some vets may still charge a little extra if she is in heat even with the certificate. 

I remember one of my friend's cats going through heat and she would come up to you and stick her butt in the air.  I used to say "please, don't be so easy.  You don't want to get a bad reputation" ;D


When we bought our current Burmese girl as a kitten, we found out that many vets would refuse to spay her before she'd gone through one heat. The breeder agreed; and said she couldn't believe how young/immature some breeders spayed their kittens. Anyway, that sure was an interesting week for us - living in the country, trying to keep a randy, noisy little girl cat from zipping outside where there were semi-feral tomcats prowling outside, calling to her...  ::) ;D  As she's the first girl we've had who's been through a heat before spaying, we've noticed a difference in her behavious to our previous girls - she gets what we call ghost heats every now and then! She smells more musky, smooches everything and everyone in sight, and so on for a few days. All in all, she's just one affectionate little lady... almost all the time!

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