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I need advice!

Dear fellow VegWebbers.

I come to you in the hopes that I will get the proper and needed advice that I am looking for. My situation is not serious, but nonetheless requires the advice of one who is more than somewhat proficient when it comes to this type of scenario. My younger brother, who happens to also be one of my roomates, recieved a Siamese kitten for his birthday a few months ago. I am now certain that it is displaying signs that it is in heat. I have heard certain individuals that I have come in contact with, mention that I should get it "fixed". Correct me if I am wrong, but my understanding of the word "fixed", relates to something that is broken. Is my brother's kitten broken? Anyway, aside from that, my real concern is whether or not this "procedure" is unsafe or harmful. The very last thing that I would want, would be to take the kitten in, and they forcefully remove her insides. All I ask is that if anyone has experience dealing with this particular (supposedly common and natural) phenomena, they share that knowledge so I am capable of making a decision.

Hey, the procedure is totally safe and actually helps to keep your kitten from harm! Definitely get to a vet's office and talk to someone know knows, but spaying your cat is a great idea, they stay healthier and live longer! Good luck!


And you avoid unwanted pregnancy and yet more homeless kittens. Spaying or neutering your pet is responsible pet ownership if you're not intending to breed your animal on purpose. You avoid the animal possibly escaping the home to find someone to mate with, and possibly getting into fights and/or hit by a car or tormented by people who don't like cats. (I'm thinking of people who shoot at cats who are fighting on their property. I don't like it, but it happens. A lot.)

Neutering also avoids several serious health issues. A vet can inform you on all of those.


Girl cats should be fixed. Every time they go in heat it ups the risk of cancer. I'm a cat lover and I would do everything to have my cats healthy.

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