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Mystery Illness in dog, need advice

My seven year old, dog, Guineverere was taken to the Emergency vet in the middle of the night last night.

Friday she started favoring one of her legs and it progressed yesterday and last night and to the point of being totally unable to walk so we rushed her in to the ER. She couldnt even stand up and when we finally got her on all her paws she shoock and fell down. It ws terrible to see. 

At the vets, She had a very high fever, they think thats what is causing the inability to use her legs. They ran a test for Lyme and a few other tick transmitted illnesses and those were all negative. They wanted to keep her overnight but we just cant afford it right now (I actually HAVE insurance for them and you have to pay upfront and get reimbursed- Unfortunatly we are flat broke right now cus Ive been out of work since January due to pregnancy complications.) They gave her an IV and showed me how to do it (They were just going to give her one there but I asked if I could give more at home. THANK YOU WHOEVER [MDVegan?] for talking about doing home IVs with your kitty on VEGWEB a few years ago, I remembered everything you said-- even down to the hanger trick <3). I will be giving that at home to help with the fever. She also has two meds, an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory (the latter of which should help break the fever.) 

I gave those meds about 1:30am. and then again around noon. Her fever iwhen we got home last night was still really high (104.8 when normal is 100-102.5) despite the first IV treatment. I put a few ice packs wrapped in a tshirt sitting on her belly to help bring the fever down too. She still couldnt walk and seemed pretty miserable.  At least she took her meds when we got home and her food with them and some water (meds and foods covered in human food to make sure she took them!)

I slept next to her last night and she seemed to do okay through the night. When we woke up this morning I trtied to take her temp again and the thermometer didnt work! Grrr! However, she phyically feels less hot, and she was able to hobble outside to have a BM. When I said the word "treat" (ie, pills covered in peanut butter) she was actually intersted which is a GREAT sign.

Im just praying the fever stays down with the combo of the meds and IVs. Shes just so lethargic and sick. Since we don't know what is causing her illness, Im hoping it will be knocked out with the antibiotic. I cant imagine what is wrong with her. Although last week she got the hives she got so badly we took her to the vet cus they were not going away with regular benedryl treatment. It took two days to get rid of them, even after the vet gave shots of steroids and benedryl.). She also seems to be favoring one of her front paws much more than the rest of her legs (This was the paw that started off hurting yesterday) Ive checked it over throughly and she doesnt seem to have anything stuck in it or any cuts. Shes not licking it at all but I wonder if that could be something related to. I just dont know and I have no answers.  I will be calling our regular vet when they open on Monday. 

If this sounds like anything anyone has heard of or if you know any homeopathic treatment for the fever and POTENTIAL infection to help in addition to the IVs and drugs, please let me know. 

Thank you.

So I gave the IV and it leaks at the injection site so badly. I put a washcloth to it and it got totally wet. I think its cus the gage of the needle is huge. Im not sure how much of the fluids that Im giving her are staying and how much is leaking out. The only thing that helps is keeping her back flat (IE frot feet/head not propped up in my lap, creating a "slide" with her back.)


Talking to myself here, but Ill update anyways....Seems my dog may have Rocky Mountain Spotted fever. She will be on antibiotics for a month. Shes improvign a lot already. 


Can you be more specific if what your dog is doing or going though? Behaviour changes or apperance? 


She can have an allergic reaction to household products/food or grass

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