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Pitbull DIscrimination + Family Issues


My husband and our two young children have two pitbulls, and we are learning they are not an accepted breed where we have relocated to here, at all. (We recently relocated to New Mexico from Illinois, when my parents retired to NM and my mother developed health issues.)

My own family is prejudice against them. We adopted our second pitbull from a group here, and he is very young, going through his puppy chewing phase. The other day I was on the phone with my sister and I said ouch because I got nibbled on. She instantly replied, "well he is a pitbull what do you expect"....I could only reply with a laugh and "No, he's a puppy. That's what I expect." The comments about Pitbulls have yet to let up, despite my family seeing how wondering our dogs are with our two and a half year old and our five month old children.

My parents and my sister (who lives with them) have a 7 year old English Bulldog. She's food aggressive towards other animals, extremely dog aggressive, to the point where she takes off out of the front yard after people walking their dogs. And they still do not think to leash her in the front yard or contain her to the back yard. She is very disobedient. Still poops and pees all over the house, and on peoples things when she is jealous. Recently she has started going after my two and half year old daughter if she walks near her bowl of food, or runs around playing and goes past her. My husband and I are sick of it, and have decided we won't be bringing our children over there anymore, because despite all this negative behavior, they haven't offered to put her away when we come.

I was wondering if any of you had any tips for how my husband and I can address their attitude towards our pets and their dogs behavior. It's becoming a very big annoyance and a problem.

*how wonderful our dogs are


Here's my input..

Pit Bulls do not have aggressive attitudes unless they are trained that way. Neither are Doberman Pinschers, or Rottweilers, I don't care what anyone says.. I work in a grooming shop, see these dogs every day.. Pit Bulls have been highly discriminated against for unnecessary reasoning. From what people made them into.. Dogs to fight and guard. On a brighter note, people are also changing the name from "Pit Bull" to "Bullies" to make it a more family friendly name. Yes the dogs are built different, just as any dog is, but it doesn't change their temperament. The OWNER makes the dogs temperament, and behavior. If the owner doesn't discipline to teach, or love it for it to be happy, it will become aggressive or out of control.. (Hence, the English Bulldog) Not meaning to blame anyone, but it's true.. If you aren't in tune with your dog, it surely won't be in tune with you.

I agree with you completely.. If I were you, I would just calmly state the facts of how owners are in control of their dogs from day one.. Bullies are not a problem, neglecting owners are.

I hope I didn't sound too harsh..


In the words of the immortal Barbara Woodhouse: There are no bad dogs, only bad owners.

I can fully understand your not wanting your small daughter around a dog with territorial agression issues. You must, must make this plain to your relatives--that you feel she is not safe there. Talk to your vet about it, there may be legal issues involved with housing a known agressive dog. And let's face it, they know their dog is aggressive, they see it every day. If they're in denial, video it if you have to.


Lotusblossom is 100% correct. NO DOG OF ANY BREED IS BORN AGRESSIVE. Its the misstreatment and lack of leader ship from owners that makes these animals turn sour. Plus puppies nip thats what puppies do!!! I have a german shep pup and she nips but i got her a kong toy thats amazing for nippers and chewers!

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