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Controlling Huskies


I just recently rescued a year old Husky/Shepherd mix!

She is a handful....

She eats everything in the house, is able to open up every door in the house, escapes from her crate, and can get into anything.

I have tried blocking stuff off, hiding things, reinforcing her crate, locking doors, EVERYTHING.

I have tried giving her calming pills and putting her in the anxiety blanket. Nothing seems to work.

Does anybody have any training tips, ideas, or have a Husky with this problem?


Thanks in advance!

How often do you excercise your new puppy? Huskies especially need vigorous excercise to help them stay calm. As well it is impoetant to claim your space, be sure to not allow her into areas you don't want her to get into. I suggest looking into any training books by ceaser milian if you get a chance. 

Hope that helps.

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