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Pet Biographies

Ok, I know this is corny but I think it's cute.  Write a biography of your pet and include a picture. 

My name is Wilma.  My lady friend found me outside of her house a couple of years ago.  She fed me everyday.  One day I let her friend pick me up and put me in a carrier.  I was taken to the vet.  The vet told the lady I just had a litter of kittens (the people didn't know where they were) so they let me back out so I could care for them.  When my kittens got old enough I started bringing them to the food bowl.  Then the people took my four kittens and found good homes for them to live and the lady took me to live with her.  I've lived with her for almost 3 years.  My favorite things are jumping into open dresser drawers, exploring the basement (when I can.  they always keep the door closed and the curiousity just drives me crazy), and finding clothes to drag around the house when the people are gone. 

I'll take a whirl.  We're going autocatography?  Not afaid to get clawed during sleep for assuming to know cat thoughts?

My first home was an apartment.  I had another kitten playmate.  When I was about one year old, my human mom moved and could only take one cat with her.  On moving day, she set me outside the door and left with my playmate.  Other people in the apartment complex put out bowls of food for me.  There were a lot of tough street cats in the area that beat me up regularly.  I grew up to be a big cat, but I never did get good at fighting. 

I lived outdoors in the apartment complex for about a year, and became the honorary cat of the grounds.  To avoid getting ambushed, I liked laying on the stairs that led to the second floor apartments.  One day some people started carrying boxes up the stairs.  It was really comfortable there, so I stayed on my stair and let them step over me.  They all left, except for one human.  She started putting food out for me, too.  I really liked her because she let me have my way.

About a year after she moved in, she started putting things back into boxes.  She talked to the apartment manager and got permission to take me with her.  After all of the nice things I did for her (be hairy, purr, meow), she shoved me in a crate.  Humans!  She had her mom drive me, because her mom's car had better air conditioning and it was hot outside.  I got them back by pretending to be dead in the carrier.  Cat humor.  >:D

When the boxes were moved into the new place, she let me out of that blasted carrier.  I've been with her ever since.  I take good care of her.  If her alarm goes off in the morning and she doesn't get up, I howl and scratch the bed.  She tells me thank you in loud, sharp sounds.

She loves me and kisses me - maybe a bit too much.  But of course she loves me.  I'm a cat.


Ooo, fun!  It's not like my thesis defense is tomorrow or anything...sure I'll participate  ::)  It's long, though--I've got three of them!

When I was just a baby, I found myself along with my littermates in a concrete room filled with cats in cages.  One day, a bunch of people came wandering through and a few of them picked me up and tried to snuggle.  Yuck...I just wanted to explore!  Finally, two people decided to take me out of there to where they lived.  I was supposed to get "spayed" (whatever that means) before I left, but I was too little, so they had to bring me back later.  I loved my new environment.  Lots of toys and fun and I even was OK with snuggling, but only when it was my idea.  I had the whole place to myself (except for the humans) for almost 2 years.  Then, this new cat, Joe, decided he was going to move in, too.  I really hated him at first--he was a gross, annoying boy cat and he invaded my space!  But now I guess he makes an OK wrestling buddy and sometimes he gives me kisses, so I said he could stay.

I used to live in some pretty cramped quarters with 8 other critters in a 2 bedroom apartment.  I got to run around outside a lot, though, so that was fun.  One day, I couldn't go back to the apartment--no one was there to let me in.  Luckily, some pesky kids carried me over to a different apartment and asked the people there if I could live with them.  It was a pretty nice place--I walked right in and laid on their couch.  I had really itchy ears and was pretty sneezy, but the new people took me to the doctor and got me all fixed up!  They also had a girl cat named Lucy who I tried to be friends with, but she didn't like me very much.  Now she's like my sister, and we look a lot alike!  My house is pretty cool.  I get to run laps in the morning after breakfast.  Sometimes, if breakfast doesn't come fast enough, I jump on the dresser and knock Dad's cell phone onto his face and then I run away.  It's pretty funny.  If he doesn't get up then, I'll jump on him from the dresser with my 12lb cat force and yell in his face.  I leave Mom alone in the morning because we have an agreement ;)

I used to live in a house with 5 other cats.  One day, we all found ourselves kicked outside with no food or water.  I was pregnant at the time with my third litter of kittens (just couldn't keep those boy cats away from me!) and one of my sisters was also pregnant.  Before I found my new home, one of my brothers got hit by a car.  Some really nice people that lived next door tried to find us new homes and put out food and water for us.  When I got to my new home, I was really scared and hid for a while.  I warmed up to my new people quickly, though, and they took good care of me.  When it was time for my kittens to be born, the lady tried to get me to have them in a box.  A box!  Can you imagine?  I said "No way, they will be born in your closet on top of your gym clothes where it's nice and comfy and dark."  Well, since cats always get their way, that's where my two babies were born.  We had lots of fun together.  They went to a new home together, and it was sad to see them go, but I know they went to a nice family.  Now, I am free of my motherly duties and can focus on getting lots of attention, treats, and beauty rest and sometimes running around with Joe.  Lucy sort of bugs me, so we don't hang out much, but she's OK I guess.

My name is Oz.  I was left in a parking lot after riding to an office complex in the engine cavity of a Honda Civic.  I was only 5 weeks old and it was a big scary world without my mom.  I tried to hide behind a trash can, but someone spotted me and grabbed me and took me inside.  I put on my best "cute kitty face" and a lady (sucker) took me home.  Now I'm 9 months old and living the high life.  I have two other kitty playmates, I love to eat my vegetables (really), and I get to sleep on Storm's head at night.  Life is good.


These are great stories, I love it!


Oh, opps, this is long....I cant help it if I love to write!!!!

Hi, our names are Guinevere and D'Artagnon. We don't remember a lot about our lives from when we were little, but we think we were born near a reservation in Northern Arizona. Lots and lots of dogs run free in that area. Some of them are abused, we even knew one puppy that was sprayed with green paint. The cars int hat area ignored all the dogs that wondered everywhere. One day our owners loaded us up and drove to the Highway in Queenscreek Arizona. They tied a rope around our necks and then tied us to the railing on the side of the road. They drove away. They did not come back. We watched the cars drive past us. One car. two cars. Three. and on and on all day. D'Artagnon got tired of watching and he flopped to the ground. He looked dead. At least, thats what the lady driving by thought. She had California license plates and she did not know that dogs had so little value in those parts. She did not know that there were too many dogs to rescue so she stopped. She was happy to see that we were both alive and she untied us so we could go into the car. Strangely, another car stopped. A lady wearing scrubs jumped out. The two women stopped and decided to take us to the veterinarians office where the lady in scrubs worked. The nice California lady paid for us to stay at the kennel and she put ads in all the pares in Arizona saying we needed a good home. Happily, someone saw the ad and called.  That was our Mom! Guinevere had to have a surgery before we could go all the way down to Tucson. After the surgery we got to take a long ride in the car. This time, the humans did not stop on the side of the highway. When the car finally stopped it was in front of a house with a big back yard. Two girls ran out of the house with cameras and hugs. We kissed them, cause it seemed like a good idea. They talked to the California lady for a little while and then brought us inside. We had our own bedroom and a ton of toys! There was a long snake int eh back yard that mom could shoot water out of. We loved to play in the puddles.We had a dog park down the way and a man came to the house every week to train us to behave. One bad thing was that D'Artagnon had to have surgery too. He was pretty upset when he came home and discovered what he was missing! He got over it eventually. There was a lady next door who was always coming tot eh house and yelling. Mom would get really anxious. It made us mad, so one day Guinevere slipped out of her collar and chased their cat up a  tree. Mommy scolded her, but we thought it was pretty funny.Another thing we thought was pretty funny was that our mom like to collect poop! We got her pretty well trained so that every time we made a mess int eh back yardshe would rush over and pick it up. We would just watch and laugh at her. The silly thing was, she stored it in a big bucket int eh alley and we tried to warn her time and time again that the garbage man always comes and STEALS the trash. Humans are funny because they are not as smart as dogs, so she kept doing it. Its okay. We love her anyways.

Sometimes we would go to work with Mom. There were lots of fragile old people there. We could tell they needed love and gentleness so we were really carefull not to knock them over. We kissed their hands and they fed us lots of treats and petted us. We loved spending the night with Mom at work.

One day, Mom brought home a little dog. She found him out in the rain. He looked like a skeleton wearing dog clothes. He had a collar and ID tag, but mom did not want to bring him back to a home that did not feed him. So she called his owners and agreed to let their granddaughter take him. He lived with us a few days and on the last few days he was more fun, because he had a little energy to run around with us. Mom called him a "rescue." After Skippy we had other rescues, there was Toby and Cricket and Solomon, there was Aleta and Amber and Ace. We liked to play with the dogs that came as fosters. It was sad when they went to new homes or were reunited with their families, but we were happy for them. Plus, we got to have Mommy all to ourselves! There were other rescues, birds in boxes and hurt kitties, even three cluckity chickens. Mom never let us play with any of them.  Then Betsy and Deogi came. they were ere dogs and they were one of our favorites. Some times we would meet people at the park to see if they could be  Betsy and Deogis new family, but nobody wanted two dogs. We loved on them like they were our sisters. We loved to give kisses and we loved to team up against mom to push her out of the bed or drag her down the street.

Mom started to seem really stressed and we were not sure what was going on. She started packing up all her things. One day, a loud man broke into our house and stole Moms chicken babies. Mom came home and was very upset. we tried to make her happy by snuggling with her in the bed. She kept telling Betsy and Deogi that she was sorry. We didn't understand what was happening. Finally, one day Mom took Betsy and Deogi away. She came back with a  kennel. In the morning Mom took all here things and loaded them into a truck. She came back and loaded us into the kennels. We went to the airport that was very very busy.  A man came and put us on a cart and brought us away. We did not know what was happening. We were put in a load room.  It seemed to take forever, but finally we landed. When we were sent on a conveyor belt, Mom was were a bunch of other people. We saw our Auntie, who we met all that year and a half ago. We saw our Tall Uncle, who w met once. And we met our In-Charge-Uncle and Aunt. We went tot their house and met our cousin, Sheppy. Mom took us to the Big Water that smelled like salt and fish. There was lots of sand and mom didn't care if we dug in it. Mom seemed happy and relaxed for the first time in a  long time and we were able to relax too. We had fun. Mom told us that Betsy and Deogi had found a home and she seemed happy. We cant understand every word she says, but we recognized their names adn Mom was kissing us, so we think it was good news.At the end of our stay there, we took a ride with Mom and Auntie. We drove to a  place that is white and cold. Soft stuff falls from the sky and makes huge heaps on the ground. We don't know what it is but it is so much fun to play in! We have a cousin living here with Grandpa and Mom. Its a husky named Timber, we think hes okay but her really doesn't like D'Artagnon!

We like it here. We are happy to be here with our Mom and with each other!


Hello.  My name is Bast and I am a catnip addict.  My early months were a blur: living on the streets, eating lizards, and trying to figure out where my next fix was going to come from.  I was dirty, my eye was infected and since there was no one to explain to me about safe sex, I got pregnant at a very young age.

So one day I was just strolling along minding my own business when suddenly there it was....right in front of me....the biggest catnip stash I'd ever seen.  A huge pot of tender, juicy leaves just glistening in the sun, beckoning to me.  I dove into the pot and rolled and nibbled and rolled and nibbled.  I was in kitty heaven!  But alas, I was caught red handed by the nip farmer and had to make a mad dash for the safety of an automobile. 

Oddly enough, she didn't seem too upset and coaxed me out from my hiding place with a can of tuna (which she no longer buys).  I had the munchies so bad I couldn't resist and she lured me right into a prison box, threw me in the automobile, and drove off with me.  I thought I was a gonner for sure, but instead the human took me to a doctor and got medicine for my eye.  Then she took me home, fed me, let me have my kittens in her house, and even gave me her beautiful daughter for my very own!  Ain't life grand?!!

Bast's Human


awww, these are all so cute! we culd bake a "not-ckicken-soup for the animal lovers soul" with these!
Storm, Basts story was especially funny!!!!  :D


I was discovered roaming the neighborhood streets in south austin by a mommy with lots of kids and animals.  I was then dropped off at a house close by with more animals and more people.  They took very good care of me, they even let me stay in the nicest girls bedroom when all of the other animals had to stay out!  The big dogs scared me and made me tinkle on the floor, i was only a little puppy about that time, my baby teeth hadn't even fallen out yet!  I lived there for about a month, during this time some people came to meet me, but none of them took me home, until one day, 2 people came back and drove me for a long time to their house where I had the whole house to myself and a big backyard!  yippie!  I have now claimed the back yard as my own with tens of holes , toys, pieces of garbage and compost spread all over the whole yard.  I enjoy being the only dog and not getting bossed around by other dogs, of course i listen to my master.... but only when im in the mood.  hehe.


These are great!  Storm, that is the greatest story ever!  :-D



I loved Bast's story!  It was so well written and entertaining.  Your daughter's pic is beautiful!


:'( :'( :'(

Way to make me cry Cougi Baby! RIP.


Mimi is gorgeous, BP!  Her eyes remind me of Lucy's eyes (you can't seem them 'cuz they're closed in the picture) and she's so smiley!  And her fur looks really thick and soft--I want to cuddle with her!  Does she have big paws because she's polydactyl?  I love 6-toed kittehs!


That's such a cute picture!  I didn't know ferrets would like baths ;D


Mimi is gorgeous, BP!  Her eyes remind me of Lucy's eyes (you can't seem them 'cuz they're closed in the picture) and she's so smiley!  And her fur looks really thick and soft--I want to cuddle with her!  Does she have big paws because she's polydactyl?  I love 6-toed kittehs!

nope, she is just a HUGE cat (as the vet said, "she isn't a 10 pound cat!). she is funny with cory, because cory is a really tiny cat.

That's funny--that's how Lucy and Joe are.  Joe's a little over 12 pounds and Lucy is about 8 pounds--they look a lot a like w/ their coloring and are the same age, but she looks so little next to him!


Hello there.  My name is Gryphin, though my mother insists on calling me 'Gryphy' or even worse 'Fat fat kitty'.  *long suffering sigh*  People!  Cant open the gooshy jar without them.
I was born in Tennessee, though I dont remember much of it.  Just being stuck in a bucket with two of my siblings with this man offering us to strangers.  Luckily I was picked up and taken home.  The lady could hold me in her cupped hands then.  Wow, I dont really remember being that small.  I used to explore, climb things and generally frolic like a crazy kitten.  My roommate then was an old grump named Stevie.  Poor cat was deaf as a post but he didnt mind me wrestling with him once in a while.  When I was about a year old my human shoved something icky down my throat and I took a nap for a few days while she moved me to a new place.  Wasn't much fun but I like the new place.  Unfortunately Stevie passed away a few years ago.  Here we are hanging out.

Life was pretty good until SHE showed up.  The bane of my existence.  She doesnt play, she is constantly jealous of the time Mom spends with me, and most importantly, she is always eating all the gooshy!

I dont know why the humans brought her home.  Apparently she was in some sort of prison.  She claims she didn't do anything wrong, that 'allergies' caused her to end up there, but I am not buying it.  She likes to dig in Mom's hair to wake her up sometimes.  Strikes me as dangerous.  Yup.  Her name is baby because she is whiny too.  Fitting I think.  If she wasn't here I would have taken over the whole house by now, or at least hidden all of the hair ties so people would stop making me play fetch.  Whoa, almost nap time.  Later!

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