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Hoping to Adopt...


I have come to realize that our cozy little apartment is a bit lonesome. There are the two of us... but something is missing. Could it be the pitter-patter of little paws???

Well, I am still trying to get the official "YES" from that wonderful boyfriend of mine... but I am fairly certain I'll get it. He is primarily worried about the money side of things... and we went to look at cat supplies today (food, litter box, scratching things, and got info on adoption fees) so he is feeling more secure.

I swear, I feel like a little kid again! "Pleeeeease can we get a kitty?! Pretty please? I'll be really good and I'll take care of everything I promise!"

Anyway, I am just so excited and I wanted to share. I know lots of vegwebbers have cats! J is a compulsive planner and I run on gut instinct alone... so if anyone has any advice (or awesome stuff about cats in general) that I can tell him I would greatly appreciate it. I so want to share my home with a furry little friend again! I have had dogs my whole life and I miss caring for an animal. It's that darn maternal instinct, I swear! Can't have babies right now, so I need a furry baby to love!


Dude, I am so going to fill up my digital camera within the first hour!



I just have to post this here. This is the way I feel lately after 6 years catless.

I couldn't live 6 years catless. I was losing my mind without *my* cats for a week at my parents' this summer (and they have a cat, though she's a pisser and is confined to the basement/garage/greenhouse/back patio... it's just not the same). I'm going home really early for Christmas this year cause my mom is having surgery, so the cats will come with me 2 wks early. I asked my bf if he'd be ok with out me for a few weeks until he meets me downstate for Christmas and he said yes... but do I have to take the cats?!?! He'll manage without me, but will be lonely without the kitties. lol.


I think we found our kitty! I am so excited!!!


We just saw him at PetSmart today, in the adoptions area. He's a good bit bigger than he was in that picture... he's around a year old now and he is such a goofball! He was entertaining himself with whatever he could find to play with in his kennel when we walked up, then he started trying to play with us from behind the glass! He was rolling around on his back and he looked right at Josh and meowed, stretched out his little paws and pressed on the glass... and I have never seen anything melt Josh's heart like that! I couldn't convince him to look at any other cats after that.

We tried to ask someone if we could visit with the kitty (who I refuse to call "Randy"... he's so NOT a "Randy"!) but they told us they couldn't let him out... so we called the APAWS shelter, and the lady said she was so thrilled we were interested in him because he's such a people-cat and she has been hoping the perfect home would find him, but she was all booked today with appointments and couldn't get to this side of town this afternoon. So, I filled out the online application and she said  she will bring him over to our apartment to meet us and see how we all get along. I had to schedule the appointment for next Sunday though, because of the work being done on our living room this week.

If that works out well, we'll pay the adoption fee and after a vet visit he'll come home with us!

I hope I'm approved! MDVegan, I used you as a reference... I didn't think you'd mind.  ;)


I hope all works out and he gets to come live with you. I'm very partial to orange tabbies, as I am a proud momma of one myself.  ;)


Oh jeana!  What a cutie.  I have a soft spot for orange tabbies too.  My old man Nelson, rest his little kitty soul, was with me for 17 years and was the absolute best kitty ever.  I love all my fur babies, but he was the baby!

Interesting tabby fact:  80% of all orange tabbies are males.


Interesting tabby fact:  80% of all orange tabbies are males.

Wow, that IS kinda interesting. I wonder why.

We set up an appointment to meet "Orange Cat Vol. 2.0" (Randy) and his foster mom this Sunday at 7pm! He gets to come over to our apartment and play, and his foster mom will tell us all about him and what his favorite things are and what stuff he's not crazy about. They said my application looked great, so I am soooooooo excited!

If we do get to bring him home for good, we're thinking a turquoise collar would really stand out against his orange fur. MDV apparently thinks I'm crazy, but I think he would rock the turquoise!



Yay! I've always wanted an orange tabby! :) Now I've got the orange baby I found in the street. He's groovy. We had the collar conversation too. I've got a royal blue collar for him now, but we were thinking purple (there wasn't anything small enough for him in purple). Though he's not been wearing anything for a few days because he keeps loosening it up when he wrestles with the other cats and his mouth gets caught and while he's ok, I'M traumatized. Heh.

Good luck with your visit!


This thread brough me to browse the London Ontario humane society website. They have pictures posted of cats that need homes... Look at the gorgeous babies!




There are so many more too. They're all so beautiful and need to come home with me.

Damn allergic roommates.


It always amazes me that anyone could give up an orange tabby! They are some of the most open, loving little creatures, even among cats. I'm sure that you and your new baby will get along quite well. Congrats!


Oooo, laurabs!  Stop that!!  You're making me want another kitty!  Baguette looks so much like my Bella  who was only with me for 2 months.



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