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Time for a new Backpack

I've had a hemp backpack for the past nine years and have warn it until it has begun to decay off my shoulders. So, it's time for a new Backpack. 
My question is does anyone know a good brand or supplier of vegan backpacks that they have experience with? A simple Google search will give me a list of some but I'd rather hear feedback on quality and design. Price is only an issue if the quality or design doesn't warrent the cost. Hand made, custom designs and independant suppliers welcome and happily supported.
For the most part the designs I like are roll up courier bags with multiple compartments or large laptop or camera backpacks even though I would not be using them for this purpose. For the most part my backpack is for carrying groceries home on my bike so compartments and large capacity are my priority.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and please comment if you can help.

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