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Tofu Help... advise please

What are the best brands of tofu? And, what are your best recipes for a tofu newbie?

I am new to veganism and excited to try new foods. However, I have not had much luck with tofu. Not sure if I am buying the wrong brands or using strange recipes. Love the veggies, fruits and beans but need advice in the tofu department. Many thanks!

I'm personally a bit cautious about soy(a), including tofu. I've not experienced any adverse effects myself, but I have heard that from quite a few people. I've put couple of links in my recent article about soy(a):

Also, it is important to recognise, that contrary to popular belief, tofu is a non fermented soy(a) product. I would stick to some alternatives - legumes (especially lentils), quinoachia seeds. Good luck x


Thanks Nenke! I will look into it too.


Try 'ricotta and spinach stuffed manicotti'.

Just search for it on this web site

This get better each time I use it.  I having for tomorrow night supper.  If you try it let me know what you think.

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