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Opinions on vegan cheese options

Hi there!

  I'm new to veganism and I'm not super familiar with the vegan cheeses that are on the market. I tried the Galaxy Rice Vegan Mozzarella flavor slices and wasn't that pleased with the taste. It had a distinct rice taste to it. As far as for the other options, Daiya and Follow Your Heart what does everyone recommend? And do you have specific favorites for certain flavors like cheddar or mozzarella? Any opinions are greatly appreciated.




Hi!I like Daiya but I've only tried the cheddar.But I really love the Galaxy parmesan its not the rice kind.It just says vegan grated parmesan flavor cheese alternative on the bottle.Its dairy free.


I also love Punk Rawk Labs if you want something a little fancier for parties or to spread on crackers!


I like Follow Your Heart in the cheddar and mozerella--it doesn't capture "cheese" perfectly, but I think they're pretty good and they DO melt. I make mac n cheese all the time with the cheddar, and I've found adding a little brown sugar helps make it seem more like real cheese.

I also like Daiya's mozerella shreds. I tried the Galaxy mozerella shreds and found them inedible. Trust me, they're not a reflection of all vegan cheeses!

And I've also tried Tofutti american cheese slices, which I took one bite of and spit out. Did not like them at all. Tofutti's pizza pizzazz tastes pretty good, so I was disappointed by their american slices.

Beyond that, there's Teese, which I have not tried. From what I've read it melts, but I'm nervous to buy something and possibly get yuckyness, so I haven't tried it (plus it looks like it only comes in little tubes where I go, instead of pre-shredded like Daiya).

That's my input from my years of veganism; hope it helps :)


Dr. Cow Cashew Cheese! If you love pungent, firm, rich cheese that goes great with wine and crackers, that is the one I would recommend. I'm ordering some more this week.

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