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Earth Balance Butter - Why am I just learning about this... yum!

Earth Balance Butter is delicious enough to convert any non vegan to this product. It taste even better than animal milk butter. I wonder why even have any other butter on the market. So Yummy! Products like this is making my transition to eating vegan very very easy. Please share any other vegan butters, dips and dressings in the comments. :)

vegenaise mayo with olive oil I flipped when I tried it. So good.


Since starting as a vegan it has been with no oil or just a little. This was for over all Heath reasons.  It made it hard at first but I have but together some recipes to make it  better.  Some of the recipes are from this site and have change to do away with the oil.  Oils are not good for the heart.

Why have you become a vegan?

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