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Best Vegan charity for a Vegan company to give to

I have a business ( selling Vegan gift baskets and gift items. We are coming up on our one year anniversary and want to celebrate by giving a portion of our profits to a charity which promotes the Vegan diet. As a business you have to be careful picking a charity to appeal to as broad a base as possible. Candidates range from PETA to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

So any suggestions from the forum would be geratly appreciated.



Donate to the people who are saving the forest. With out all the rain forest and other forest of the world we wont be able to have very much food or life at all. They are the most important charities to give to. They are doing it on a much larger scale then I am able to do at the moment so every dollar counts for them and the people and animals, and plants and all the life that is connected to each square inch of the rain forest which includes every human being alive on earth.,, Please donate to them. They are the only charities that matter to life on Earth.


I think Peta is such a great organization to donate money too. I would do your donations to the peta group here. There is nothing better then this group.

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