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Menopause or post menopause vegan weight gain

Hello,  so is there any menopause women who have been gaining weight or have a hard time losing on a vegan diet?   

I am a life time fitness and dieter.   I have always been an easy gainer, but back in my 40's (51 now)  I was in the best shape of my life but a meat eater.  I ate very lean meats, low fat and no crap outside of a treat once in a while.   Of course i exercised, especially weight lifting.  

Okay so now i am older, and the weight that took my a good 3 years to loose is back, and take me 3 years to gain.   I know why but that is not the issue.    I need help getting some off again.  

I have recently gave up eaing processed mock meats,  way to much sodium and processed.   I live on grains, beans, lentils, tofu, lots of veggies and a small amount of fruit.    I know i need to drop the wheat grains, just not easy to do.    

So anyone else in the same boat?    

I am not going through menopause... but one thing that has helped me lose weight is starting my day with a green shake... spinach, kale, cucumber, green apple, pear. Basically anything green in the blender with a rice protein powder and some almond milk. It gives me lots of energy and boosts my metabolism right away in the morning. I try to stay with as many raw veggies as possible



I have been post surgically menopausal for eight plus years (I am only 41 but lost both ovaries at the age of 33). I went vegan in February 2011 so almost three years ago and long after being in menopause. I also have long standing hypothyroidism. I have not had trouble losing weight, in fact, I lost weight much easier when I went vegan than as an omnivore. However, both as an omnivore and as a vegan I have struggled with anorexia nervosa (triggered by the hysterectomy and loss of ovaries) and I have been underweight for a number of years (sometimes severely, sometimes mildly) so my situation is going to be a bit different. It is easy for me to gain weight also as well as lose. I haven't noticed any difference in that regard as either a vegan or omnivore. I do however have far more energy and stamina as a vegan and no longer deal with respiratory congestion or sluggishness. I eat a mostly whole foods clean diet of whole grains, beans, nuts/seeds, vegetables and fruits much like you (I tried all raw for a time but my body could not handle it). I rarely dabble in the processed stuff but on rare occasion have it for a treat. I am also very active. I do have to limit my soy intake due to thyroid issues and I have an intolerance to tofu (immediate gassy cramps and diarrhea) and cashews but I do eat tempeh and rarely soy milk.
When I was an omnivore at one time I was put on a strict anti candida diet due to yeast infections from surgical menopause. I could eat very little and lived on lean meat (dead animals I call it) and fresh vegetables. No bread or grains, no fruit, very few nuts, no condiments. I was miserable with that diet and had no energy. I lasted six months and gave it up. I absolutely have to have carbs and grains, and there is nothing wrong with wheat if it comes from a whole food source (such as bulgur wheat or barley) and non GMO, unless you have an allergy to it such as Celiacs do. As long as I stay away from the flours and high concentrated oils and processed sugar I am fine.
Have you had your thyroid levels checked? Sometimes those can affect metabolism. I think it just gets harder period to lose weight when you get older.

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