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College woes

Hi there! 

Just reaching out to anyone that was or is vegan while going through school. I'm currently in my fourth semester living on campus and I'm finding it crazy difficult to stick to my guns and not cave in. 

Anyone that already went through this or is going through it now; it would be awesome if you could share your tips and tricks with me! 

Thanks everyone! 

Peace and love, 



I just finished my second semester at college. Are you vegan or vegetarian? I've been vegetarian for 2 months now, didn't find it too difficult to avoid meat, but I can imagine it would be terribly hard to remain 100% vegan.

My school's dining hall is horrible. The only way I can get protein is from cheese! So all I ate while there was cheese pizza, cheese quesadillas, and grilled cheese sandwiches. It was horrible. How did you survive?

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