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Agave Nectar: Good or Evil

I hate to bring this topic up as I'm sure it's been talked about before, but here go's: Obviously there's been some controversy over agave because of the high levels of fructose it contains. I've been trying to cut white sugar out of my diet, and I thought agave would be the perfect substitute, but each time I spoon a bit into a smoothie or put some on my oatmeal I feel as I'm doing more harm than good.  SO what do you guys think? Do you still consider agave healthier than sugar, have you sworn it off completely, or are you somewhere in between?

I use it on occasion but not on a regular basis.  If I am baking something special or making something for my omnivore husband who is used to way more sugar than I eat, I will use it.  I don't see any harm in using it here and there.  From what I have heard it doesnt raise blood sugar in the same way as other types of sugar.  Vegan athletes use it for fuel before workouts. 

I tend to just go with natural fruit as a sweetener in my smoothies or hot cereals etc.  Like fresh dates or blueberries or bananas etc and balance it out with lots of leafy greans, spirulina etc..  Sometimes I will use stevia.  I grew my own stevia leaf last year and used it straight from the plant.  I had a hard time cultivating it for some reason though.  I might try again.  I have nothing against using agave in moderation.  It is expensive so it helps deter using too much of it I think.  I think if you get too rigid with your diet it won't sustain you or give you a positive relationship with food in the long run.  I've had people tell me the two or three servings of fruit I eat each day is too much sugar and I just dismiss such nonsense.


I love it and use it in tea. I just use a small amount though off and on. I think it's  healthier than sugar.


I have recentlly read that agava is just another sugar.   Which of course it is.  I think what is happening is that company are manufacturing it at a striped low grade.   So best to buy organic from a company you trust.   

I love steiva, but now so many companies are making a cheap version of it,  should I trust it?    


That makes sense sugar is sugar. Doesn't matter if it is agave ,coconut or whtever, Never really thought of that b4.

I think you can probably trust the big companies making stevia. They are just selling it cheaper so more people will buy from them then the other companies.

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