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meat eating husband please help

My husband is a big meat eater. He gets really sad because of the animals that get killed. So please if someone knows a way to help us with our new way of life please do. Thanks

There are lots of fake meats at the grocery store and health food stores. There are tons of recipes on this site to check out that are amazing too.


Hi Lora and Mathew! Welcome! 

One of the easier ways to reduce meat consumption is to crowd out meat; try new food items (many new ones!) and figure out new dishes you like. Eventually, you'll have and like so many new treats that you won't miss what you used to eat (hopefully, your new favorites will replace meat). 

Browse VegWeb and try to make as many of the recipes that you can-–anything that looks enticing!

Some new, unique food items you can try if you haven't already are: quinoa, farro, kale, collard greens, oyster mushrooms, kombocha, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, spaghetti squash, yuba (tofu) strips, black beans, and so much more!!

Best of luck on your journey to wellness!


Try soy. It should do the trick. It's not meat but tastes close to it. Hope this helps!


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Try to slowly convert him to veganism, there are so many more options than there used to be.

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