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vegan parrots

I've been looking around here, having fun I might add! I just wanted to share a video I did back in March 2008 of our five adopted parrots.

Yay parrots! My family has a blue-front amazon they adopted before I was even born, probably over 20 years ago (not to mention a cockatiel and a zebra finch). He was likely stolen from the wild as a baby, so he's never acted like the pet store, hand-raised type. But he's very bonded to me and my mother and he's like my little brother. There are home videos of meas a baby happily crawling after him on the floor... and then, to my delight,  him stealing one of my plastic key toys and climbing back up his cage with it in a spurt of jealously. It took him a few years to get used to me.

He's not vegan, but he could be if I worked harder at it. :D Since he eats what my family eats (we can't help it, he BEGS), and I'm the only vegan in a vegetarian bunch, he still gets pizza sometimes. But he loves legumes and whole grains, too. Since I became vegan, he's gotten a lot healthier (I used to love omelettes, so his cheese consumption has gone waaaay down).

Yay for adopting! That's my dream job- running a bird sanctuary! It'll never happen, but oh well!

Yours are so adorable- and they look pretty well-adjusted!

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