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Our new ratties!

James and I adopted two rat boys!  :D
They've been cagemates since the little one's birth, and they're very close. They're also very social and already getting the hang of litterbox-training.

I thought the little guy needed a cute but unique name, and I eventually thought of the Scuppernong jelly that James introduced me to. Apparently the scuppernong is a type of grape that grows around here, and I thought it sounded like some made-up Dr. Seuss business, heh. I came up with Scuffernon from that, then James came up with a name for the big guy: Muskabar, after the muscadine, which is a Southeastern native grape (of which the scuppernong is a type) that makes a delicious wine.

James and the boys:

Muskabar, the Russian Fawn, at ~4 months old:

Scuffernon, the Siamese-marked dumbo, at ~6 weeks old:



Beautiful. :)>>>


Oh CW, they are precious!  My daughter had asked for ratties a couple of years ago and I said "no".  I had this stereotypical idea of rats as all nasty, diseased wrong.  Recently I was introduced to hairless ratties and now I'm in love!  We've been doing our research and are hoping to adopt a couple of ratties soon.  In the mean time, I shall just have to gush over your boys!


So cute, CW! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who loves rodents. I wince everytime I hear people complaining about their "rat infestation" and "extermination" techniques. I don't know what our culture has against our furry friends. Any animal can carry and spread disease (including human beings!). We don't snub our nose when we meet people infected with the flu, do we?

It looks like those two have found a great home with you and James. Can't wait to see more pictures!


We don't snub our nose when we meet people infected with the flu, do we?

I do.....COOTIES!!

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