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A cheap, vegan, natural shampoo for your dogs

My family has had 2 Boston Terriers that both had terribly sensitive skin, and all the incredibly expensive shampoos didn't help their dander and rough patches. The first one was also allergic to fleas, so he would break out into rashes if he ever had one. So, after no success treating his skin condition, the vet recommended shampooing him in Murphy's Oil Soap--yes, the furniture cleaner! It worked so well, and his skin conditions cleared up (and he smelled sooo good!). 10+ years later, both my parents and I use MOS on our dogs.

Their bottles say that their ingredients are 98% naturally derived, and I checked their website to see the entire ingredient list. I called the company, and they said that the ingredient list on the website is incorrect, although they do not use any animal products in the formula. However, I forgot to check whether they test on animals, but since they are not a cosmetics company and they're a cleaning company, do you think they would? This is kind of my first foray into calling companies to decipher what's going on there, and I could use some tips if anyone has them!

Also, I want to point out that Murphy's Oil Soap is owned by Colgate Palmolive, and I didn't know this until I called them. So, now I feel a little torn. What do you guys think?

Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap.  It is made entirely from plant oils and is non-toxic.  I use the peppermint scent on my dog to keep fleas down.


Oohh! I hadn't thought of using that on the dog. We have the almond scent, and I'd love for the puppy to smell like that! Thanks!

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