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Chickpea Salad Sandwich

What you need: 

2 slices whole wheat bread
soy mayonnaise
pickle relish
vegan soy cheese, optional
lettuce, optional- i like the spring greens mix
tomato slices, optional
fresh ground pepper

What you do: 

When I became vegetarian, i missed the weirdest things, and one of those things was chicken and tuna salad sandwiches. This is a good substitute, because with the mustard, mayonnaise, and relish, you can hardly tell what the main ingredient is anyway. Non-vegetarians will like it too!
Put the chickpeas, mustard, mayonnaise, and pickle relish (or whatever you would typically make meat salads with) in a bowl and mash with a fork into a lumpy consistency (should have texture, not smooth like hummous). Put cheese on one slice of vegan bread spoon chickpea salad over it. Top with lettuce and tomato slices and add pepper to taste. Put other slice of bread on top to close sandwich and slice in half from corner to corner. Yummy... enjoy! ;)

Preparation Time: 
5 min
Cooking Time: 
Recipe Category: 


I cannot get enough of this!! I've been eating it all week for lunch. It's so easy and quick and of course TASTY!  :)


I love this recipe because it takes about 5 minutes to make and keeps really well in the fridge.  I add grated carrots, relish, and lots of pepper to mine, and top with pickle and onion slices as well as tomato & lettuce. I've eaten this every day for lunch for 2 weeks!  Laisydaisy, I think I will try adding garlic to my next batch, thanks for the idea :) 


Welcome back to the world of sandwiches!  I love that this is so easy to make and that you can add to it! I added garlic and hot sauce to mine and chopped up celery.  served it on  fresh quick no knead bread with veggie cream cheese, tomato, lettuce and a pickle on the side...there's even enough left overs for tomorrow... if it lasts that long!!!


Quick, easy and delish!  I added some chopped red onion, chopped red pepper and chopped celery for some added flavor and crunch.  I also added a small spoonful of sweet relish and a sprinkle of cayenne pepper.  I love this on toasted whole wheat bread or cracker.  Thank you for this wonderful recipe!!!


This is absolutely delicious! It's been years since I ate a tuna salad sandwich but that's what this reminded me of - although I remember tuna having more of a fishy taste (makes sense!). I put it on a wholegrain bun with lettuce and tomato and took it for my lunch today. I've got enough for two more lunches. My non-vegetarian co-workers were fascinated by it and all want to try it too.


3 things:

1. This tastes nothing like tuna. (I wonder if this would taste like tuna if one were to add some crushed up bits of dried seaweed. Has anyone tried that yet?)
2. Mashing chickpeas sucks! (Next time I'm going to use my mini food processor and save myself some arm work.)
3. Mashing chickpeas or doing whatever you have to do to make this is totally worth it because this is so delicious--even in all it's un-tuna like glory.

I used a medium sized can of chickpeas (19 oz. I think), 2 little squirts of spicy mustard, a few shakes of tumeric for extra color and tang, 1 long stalk of celery (diced), 2 tbs. chopped onion, 1 small carrot (diced) and about 3 tbs. of Nayonaise. This makes enough for three sandwiches. I'd encourage folks  to make sure they mash the chickpeaas well--maybe even going over it with a fork after you're done with the masher-- to make sure it's all well mashed because I didn't do this at first and the flavors were a little uneven.

I don't have that much experience cooking and I'm currently on a tight budget, so I am happy to have found something that is so inexpensive and quick and easy to prepare.  Thanks for sharing this!


as soon as i read the recipe i was sure it'd be great. i kept it really simple-- just the chickpeas, vegan mayo, and a little salt. just excellent, thanks for the recipe


I just made this with mortar & pestle; put the chickpeas in first, smooshed them a bit, then added mayo, dijon, relish, black pepper. On toasted homemade multigrain bread. Delicious! Fast! Versatile! Thank you!!


i just made this and used mayo, dijon mustard, olives, cayenne pepper, sea salt, fresh ground pepper and a squirt of hot sauce. served it on whole wheat toast with sprouts and tomato. AMAZING!



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