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The Ultimate Mushroom Cilantro Sandwhich

What you need: 

1 Everything Bagel

Approximately 1/2 a cup (you want just enough for a thick layer) of button mushrooms

Fresh Cilantro to taste (I love cilantro, so I put as much cilantro as I do mushrooms)

A slice of cheddar vegan cheese

Mustard (optional)


What you do: 

1. Prep:  Clean and slice button mushrooms

2. Toast bagel (in halves)

3. Put a layer of mushrooms on one slice

4. Put a layer of cilantro on top of mushrooms

5. Put cheese on top of cilantro (this will lessen that mess)

6. Heat in microwave enough to slightly melt cheese

7.  Add mustard to sandwhich


I love every ingredient in this recipe, so I put a thick layer of each.  It makes it even more delicious

Preparation Time: 
15 mins at the most
Cooking Time: 
A few seconds in the microwave (optional)
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