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Popular Vegan Options

I am specifically wondering what some of the more popular vegan options might be at large restaurant chains? Just trying to decide where I can go and what I can get there. Thanks!

If you go to the Vegetarian Resource Group website, they have extensive information about popular chain restaurant vegan and vegetarian options (look at their restaurant chain tab).  They also have a book out called "Meatless Meals for Working People" that includes extensive detailed information about chain restaurants and which options are vegan.  

I rarely eat out so I can't help too much, but there are sites like happy cow and vegetarian dining that you can type in your area and get a list of restaurants with vegan and vegetarian options.  People write reviews all the time on those sites.  Also, you could just pick a restaurant you want to try, then call ahead and ask about their food.  Many offer online menus to look over.  I have done this before and asked ahead if certain items, such as bread or dressings, are vegan.

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