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People to Skype with and get started with the vegan lifestyle

  I'm looking for people I can talk to on skype for video chat, or just IM on there if video chat is not your thing.  I'm trying to go vegan and really just want some support, and to talk to people that have been living as vegans for a while now.  I have a book called The Lean which is about how to go vegan in 30 days.  It's not about a raw vegan diet though, which is kind of what I'd like to do.  Although I think it will be useful to get me started.  And even if I never go completely raw it's certainly better than eating meat like I have been doing.  I want to be a vegan mostly for health reasons, I have a lot of weight to lose, and it's embarassing to say but erectile dysfunction has been an issue and I heard from the documentary Forks over Knives that a plant based diet can correct this problem, so that is another big motivator besides losing weight for going vegan.  

  So if there are some of you out there willing to communicate with me on a fairly regular basis that would be very helpful to me.

  One other thing I am on a very limited budget for groceries about $40 a week so if you have some suggestions about what I could buy that would be helpful to me.  Hoping to hear from someone soon!

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