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Coming to LA baby ...

Howdy folks, yep am visiting your shores beginning Nov 2012. 

Have 3 days in LA then on to Vegas!  Any good veggie restaurants in or around Roosevelt Hotel in LA?

and anything new in Vegas?

Can't wait!

Much appreciated.


Nothing new huh?


Nobody seems to post here anymore, Kikilola, they've all abandoned ship for...ugh...Facebook.

I've never had Facebook and I never will.

But it's awfully quiet in here. We should have a party.


If you come to New York you can have it at my house.


Hey yabbit and jkl??? yes I must admit to not coming on here that often these days (I struggle with its layout really) shame it was such a buzzing community a few years back wasn't it?

I did go to LA and Vegas (baby!) last year, had a great time, had the obligatory veggie burger in a good irish pub/bar way down the strip in LA and found out that I REALLY like sweet potota fries in the burger bar at Mandalay Bay, Vegas.  Really thought I'd have loads of veggie choices in LA, but maybe we stayed too touristy.  Body clock was all over the place and we found that we we up at the crack of dawn and tired early evenings (wild things we were not!).  Great breakfasts in an old diner place not far from the Roosevelt.  Great atmosphere in the hotel's bar!


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