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Nova Scotia Vegans?

Hi there,


I'm wondering if anyone else is from Nova Scotia/Maritimes. Thought we could share some restuarants/stores etc we found in this area.

I don't know anything about Nova Scotia, except that I'd love to visit one day! I hope you meet some other Nova Scotia vegans on VegWeb, I'm sure they're on here!!


No way! I'm from Nova Scotia too :D 
However I'm out of the province for school but 4 / 12 months I'll be looking for Vegan Maritime dining so let me know what you find!
So glad to find another green blue-noser Laughing 


nova scotian all the way !! but im not much hel[ in that area :P but id deffenitly be interasted too !!


Hi dear, I was able to visit this place but can't remember the exact address or name of the store but I promised you it was great to be on that store. Once I recall it, I'll not hesitate to post here. -pinterest followers

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