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Hotel stay for 3 days

Me and my husband needs to take our 4 year old to the doctors for autism. And we don't like to eat out. Can someone helps us with figuring out some food that can be in a cooler. And is fast to make, or make ahead meals.

I have stayed in a few hotels as a vegan.  I try to make sure to get a room with a refrigerator and microwave or access to a kitchenette.  I mostly premake meals and pack them along.  But I might bring some dry oats or couscous, cinammon, and packets of stevia, maybe some rasins.  I just have to add a little water to the oats or couscous in a bowl and microwave them and add the stevia, raisins, and cinammon for a nice hot breafkast.  And have a mango or apple or banana on the side.  Another filling snack/breakfast is a soft tortilla rolled up with a nut/seed butter inside.  Or vegan fat free refried beans and salsa and a leafy green in it.  

Dishes I make ahead and keep in a cooler or the refrigerator: sauteed tempeh, fresh pineapple, and brocoli over brown rice or millet; vegan potato salad and/or coleslaw; chana masala over millet; red lentil dahl over rice; garden salads with beans, fruits, veggies, tahini dressing; tempeh cabbage saurkraut sandwiches and roasted sweet potato fries; falafal patty mix (from Fantastic Old World); homemade soups such as vegan split pea, black bean tomato and veggies with hot spices, vegan chili.  Premake a bean dip and make some homemade bread and have bread and dip and microwave some frozen vegetables on the side.  I eat lots of raw fruits, raw vegetables that keep without refrigeration such as cauliflower, carrots, snap peas, mushrooms; raw nuts and seeds to snack on while out and about, even raw whole dates.  I bring along smaller cartons of plant milks too.  I sometimes make my own energy bars or muffins ahead of time to have on hand for snacks or breakfast.  Hope this helps!


make some baked goods to take with you.

pasta salad or similar dishes are pretty good for such occasions.

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