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Vegans Taste Better?

I was wondering if anybody can support or challenge the claim that vegans taste better from personal experience. Most information tells me that just as garlic finds it's ways through our pores, meat and dairy works through our bloodstream into our love juices and affects the smell and taste. That vegan cum is more sweet and fruity and that omnivores are more bitter and repugnant. Just curious

I think all cum tastes like ass.



X infinity

:o Weird people, get a better source, preferably someone who eats alot of pineapple


In the 90's I heard Maxim or Playboy did an article on this. As I remember correctly greens and fruits make vegans cum sweeter than omni's or carni's. I think they said dairy and meat make it sour tasting.


Vegans can still have nasty tasting junk, but theyre a lot more likely to taste better, and sweeter. I sucked off a guy once and his spuff tasted like kebab meat. That was not pleasant.



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