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Can't find a partner in AK :(

It's tough going it alone but there are 0 eligible vegan men in Alaska. I'm considering a move but I have a career with a great income here and good benefits. I'd love to convert someone but I'm also having trouble even finding someone I'm politically aligned with. In case you know of anyone between the ages of 34 and 55 who would consider relocation: 

I'm 34, 5'1 90-100 lbs (pic pending, having upload troubles) blonde, a professor for the passed 11 years, I love Russian literature, sci-fi books and mysteries. I don't own a t.v. I'm very bohemian. I love industrial art. No smokers, stoners or heavy drinkers :) 

Thanks for your help. I'm feeling really depressed about the thought of going through life without a partner.  I'm a jet setter and would be happy  meet someone in the Lower 48. It's possible that I would end up relocating. I'm looking for a unicorn :(





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