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Soft Cheese Substitute from Soya Flour

What you need: 

1 cup soya flour
32 oz water
1 teaspoon guar gum
1 sp sea salt
4 tablespoon nutritional yeast
1 half small onion or a few cloves of fresh garlic for flavour (optional)
1/3 cup soya oil

What you do: 

Any herb or other natural seasoning can be added for flavour and colour (tumeric).
Boil flour and water for 25 minutes. Strain mixture. Yield 2 cups. Put remaining liquid and all other dry ingredients in blender and liquify. Add oil until consistency of stiff cream is achieved. Dont burn the motor out!!!!
This alternative bakes well in and on pies, cooks great in sauces or is simply cheesey on vegan bread or grains, add lightly to cold veg or salads. Sprinkle with toated wheatgerm or sesame seeds for that crunch.
Send me some of your recipe tryouts!!!

Preparation Time: 
35 minutes
Cooking Time: 
Recipe Category: 


I actually didn't strain it (lazy!). I think if you were to strain it, you'd keep the liquid and discard the gritty solid part.


I want to try this, but I'm a bit confused by the directions.  First I boil the soy flour & water, then I strain it.  Which part am I keeping?  The liquid stuff, right?  Do I just compost the solid that's left after straining?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


sweeeet, thanks! i'll be trying it soon


Nah, I just used olive oil. And I'm not even sure if I used as much as the recipe called for. Low fat soy cheese! Gotta love it.


thanks for the update, sharway! i'd like to try this. question-- did you use soya oil as the recipe states? i'm wondering if i could use another kind because i have so many bottles of different oil varieties sitting around that were only used once or twice, so i don't want to buy another one if it's not necessary.


I've been meaning to post my update on recipes and texture, so here goes. Once it set up, it was really nice-- not hard enough to grate, but hard enough to slice. I wouldn't add more xanthan gum, since it gets a little slippery/gelatinous, but it wasn't quite as firm as say FYH cheeze. I know with softer dairy cheese (like mozz) you can stick it in the freezer to set up enough to grate-- maybe that would work here. Either way, it made the BEST quesadillas. I think it melts nicer than a lot of other commercial AND homemade cheezes-- a BIG plus.


This has been on my list to make for AGES and I finally got around to it tonight. I can't ever find guar gum, so I substituted xanthan gum, which is a pretty common sub. Anyway, I added a little paprika, garlic powder, and a bit more salt than recommended, and it turned out pretty nice! I'm curious to see how it sets up in the fridge, but I bet it would be nice on a mac 'n cheese type dish or baked dishes like that. It would probably even do nicely on a grilled "cheese" sandwich, if you toast the bread first, spread the cheese, and add a bit of tomato or something.

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