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Naturally Delicious--Vegan TV show with Ann Gentry of Real Food Daily

If anyone has Dish Network satellite provider, there's a channel called Veria TV (channel 9575 for me) that has some interesting wellness/pilates/yoga/cooking shows.  One show is called Naturally Delicious.  The host is Ann Gentry, owner of Real Food Daily restaurants in Los Angeles.  The show is pretty much vegan as far as I've seen (her restaurants are vegan).  She also has a cookbook of the same name as her restuarants.  Anyway, most of the food she prepares on her TV show looks to be from her cookbook.  Here's a link to all of her recipes (just scroll down to Naturally Delicious Season One):

*By the way, on the same link above, there are tons of other natural recipes from other Veria TV shows.  There's an aromatherapy show called Everybody Nose that has a bunch of recipes for everything from bath salts to flea repellant to yoga mat wash spray.  Another natural show called Simply Beautiful also has a bunch of natural-type recipes.  Check it out if you're interested.

What an amazing amount of great looking recipes!  Thanks for the awesome link, willwolf!  I can't wait to try the aromatherapy and skincare recipes...I love that kinda stuff.


I Love to watch her show!! I have a DVR and record every episode.  Yes all her food is Vegan, once I saw her use goat cheese in a recipe, and I think she used eggs once to, but mostly she cooks meat and dairy free.  I have tried her cashew chedder cheese and it was absolutely fantastic!  Im a fairly new vegetarian and when this cheese is melted and served over nachos you can not tell it is Vegan!! I make it all the time.  The ingedients are expensive though.  Ive tried a few other recipes and they have all turned out "Naturally Delicous".  She also has young children and her kid recipes went over good with my kids.  (Sweet potatoe bean burritoes with carrot sauce, YUM)


I'm bumping this thread.  My mom was just talking to me about this show and showed me the website.  The link above is no longer working so try this one,

There are a lot of good looking recipes here.  I'm looking forward to trying her method of cooking seitan.  Unfortunately my cable provider doesn't carry Veria so I can't watch the show. 

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