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App sugestion for the vegan/vegetarian community

Hello, I'm here to give information about a new app for our vegetarian/vegan community. If you wish to help us simply like us on facebook and maybe spread the world to your friends/followers etc we will greatly appreciate it.


VegIt is a vegetarian and vegan dish recommendation app in places all around the world, and you can help make it happen.

AUGUST, 2013 - How nice would it be to have an app that can allow you to share and get tips of vegetarian dishes everywhere? That way you can have dinner with your non vegetarian friends some place that offers you an option as well. VegIt, is a free App to get together vegan and vegetarian dishes through the world, for Android and iOS.  



In development, VegIt, is a free App, for Android and iOS, that collects information, recommendation and other features, of vegan and vegetarian dishes. Searching by meal, not place, it’s easy to find where you can eat out anywhere in the world not necessarily in a vegetarian restaurant. You can recommend a meal, share places and get tips.

The solution allow users to find and share the best gastronomic options in restaurants, bars and coffee shops, even if these places aren’t vegetarian, what encourage the offer of this kind of option and decrease the distance between vegetarians and non-vegetarians.



The idea of focusing on dishes and not in establishments came from the experiences of Filipe Braga, vegan, cofounder and creator of the project, in find places to eat during his trips. He explains that had many great experiences in restaurants and places that didn’t spread these alternatives for potential consumers. “I believe that the service will have a great utility, not only for vegetarian people, but also for those who have friends, relatives or a partner under a diet without meat or cruelty free”.



The idea and concept exist, but it needs help from the vegetarian/vegan community . To make VegIt happen, people can contribute by donating to the crowd funding campaign at When the campaign reaches it’s goal, VegIt will be available free worldwide, and certainly it will be one of your favorite apps in the vegetarian community.


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