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The Best Veg Books

I would like to hear everyone's opinion on the best books on veganism and vegetarianism. What are the must-reads? What are your favorites and why?

Include books on heath, nutrition, cookbooks, animal rights, the environment, etc.

I'm devouring books about the subject and I'd like to create an anthology of sorts.

Your opinions are appreciated!

The Way We Eat: Why Our Food Choices Matter, Peter Singer. This was the first animal rights/ factory farming book I ever read, and it really set the stage for the forthcoming movements in my life.

Mad Cowboy, Howard Lyman. This is a really small book, easy to read, but has good information in it. I like his laid back writing style!

Eating Animals, Jonthan Safran Foer. This is a good introductory book, very easy read.

The Food Revolution, John Robbins. Lots of good facts in here, a little dense, but I like it.

Skinny Bitch, Rory Freedman. Well, you know. It's fun.


I like the book : Vegan Cooks Bible.

It has a lot of recipes and is presented a bit like a encyclopedia type because it explains the use of the aliments, its nutrients, what you should eat in a day, what is good for your digestive system, immune system, your hearth, etc.


The China Study and The Food Revolution are my favs


Book: Skinny Bitch

Video: Eating 3rd Edition (Rave Diet)


Just finished:  Vegetarianism - A Buddhist View by Bodhipaksa (Windhorse Publications)

A thought provoking little book written by a vet with chapters on the suffering of animals, the benefits of vegetarism (with a nod to veganism) and buddhism.


Fast Food Nation is not a vegan/vegetarian book, but it is a good read and is perfect for giving to people that will never touch a veg book, let alone take one seriously.  This book really makes you think about what you eat. 

I also like Food Politics which is another nonveg book about why we eat what we eat.  It's a very interesting read and does an excellent job describing the terrible recomendations of the USDA and FDA, which stump many people. 

The Food Revolution and the China Study are my favorite books that are geared more or less for vegetarian audiences.  Mad Cowboy is an interesting read, and although it doesn't have that much information in it, I think it would be a good one to give to a nonvegan. 


The World Peace Diet
by William Tuttle Ph.D (philosophy)
He's an acomplished pianist and Zen Buddhist Monk (trained in Korea). The World Peace Diet is one of the first books I've come across that presents vegetarianism in a non-denominational spirtual fashion, as well containing all the other essential elements of an animal rights book. I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone.

Vegan Freak: Being Vegan in a Non-Vegan World.
by Bob and Jenna Torres, Tattoed Vegan Ph.D's from Cornell University.
This book presents itself exactly as it sounds. Very Supportive and Great for those whom are already Vegan and even quite handing for New Vegans. Not a history book, more of on social perspectives.
I'm a vegan an avid reader.


China Study by T. Colin Campbell - hands down winner for me. Cannot recommend it highly enough


I have read:

Eating Animals
Becoming Vegan - dense, but resourceful
Skinny Bitch

I've just ordered The China Study and the new edition of Vegan Freak: Being Vegan in a Non-Vegan World from Amazon UK who delivers to Holland. Yay!

Can't tell you how happy I am that the 2nd edition is out of Vegan Freak, because there was no way I'd pay $25 for a used paperback no matter how badly I wanted it! 


The Way We Eat: Why Our Food Choices Matter, Peter Singer. This was the first animal rights/ factory farming book I ever read, and it really set the stage for the forthcoming movements in my life.

Agreeagreeagreeagree.  That book definitely set it all in motion for me.

I also really love "The Inner World of Farm Animals" by Amy Hatkoff with gorgeous pictures of animals rescued by the Farm Sanctuary: (you can buy the book there through them too). 

I just bought my mom "Free for All" by Janet Poppendieck which is a history of and a call to arms about the school lunch situation.  My mom is a special education teachers' aide (read: saint/hero) who is starting to get all riled up about lunch at her school.  80% of the kids there get free lunch and breakfast so there is a WHOLE LOT of school lunch going around, for better or for worse...and it's mostly worse.  Last week she found little baggies of carrots were being served to the kids...with the expiration date of November 2009.  I guess that's not specifically vegan related, but I think any food-industry type information has some ties.

What a great thread! I'm kind of a book fiend and love reading what other people are reading.  ;)b

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