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I can't find anywhere else to post this and after asking a great friend of mine, I'm asking you all to see if you know differently.

I'm creating a website. I'm creating it on my MacBook Pro exporting (I think) something called an FTP file. Do any of you know any companies that will host the FTP file for a inexpensive price coupled with a great service? Is creating the site on my computer and exporting the FTP files the best way to create a site? Any better options?

Thank you for your help.


Hey Josh, I maintain several websites, FTP is the program you use to upload or download the files that is your website. 

Give me a better idea on what kind of website it is and what range of viewership you are expecting.  I have been using a company called Surpass for my web hosting.  They are based out of Orlando Fl.  I pay $150 a year for the pro service but they have cheeper plans available. 

What software are you using to create the website? 


Hello sir!

Right now I'm using a program called iWeb. It's a free program that came with my MacBook. I've never used it until now. I've also never created a site but the program seems easy. According to the Googling I've done, after I'm finished, I'll need to find a place to host the FTP files.

Right now, I'm just looking to post a basic site for my grandfather's auto body shop. No fancy graphics or anything..just some pics and testimonials with his shop's contact info. I want to get the word out about what he offers and the work he does. He's been in business for close to 50 years but hasn't adopted the 21st century. Haha! He still depends on word-of-mouth so I'm just trying to help him keep in business because the business is his lifeblood and it will be handed over to my uncle. They don't even know I'm working on this.

I'm trying to keep from looking like an amateur (I'm an perfectionist with things I assign to myself). Thank you in advance!



Josh, there are free hosting options available, but you will have to deal with limited space / limited options / forced ads / weird domain names (see it was one of my first sites I built is the hosting.  (There are others out there). 

A quick google search reveals that iWeb has an FTP client built into it which allows you to upload and download the files to the website.  If you don't use a free hosting service you will also need to pay a cost for the domain name (eg Surpass offers that service as well, but there are others out there that offers that service. 

Professional opinion, stay away from godaddy and networksolutions 

You may also look into your ISP to see if they offer a hosting solution, again will probably have something like or soemthign like that.  I also think Apple offers some kind of hosting solution as well, check with them. 

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