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Growing broccoli



I just came in from the garden and found our broccoli plants are growing like wildfire but still not heading up.  I live in the North Eastern area of the country and we do have a short growing season but these broccoli are ridiculouly tall.  I cannot say for sure when they were planted but they are about 3 feet high and wanting to fall over.

Does anyone have any experience with broccoli they'd like to share here?  I'm wanting to do some replanting for the fall but don't know what to do about the broccoli.

I'd appreciate any help or ideas anyone has on the matter.  Thanks in advance. 

Wow!  I see 691 people viewed this and still there is no reply.  Thanks friends.  :(

I waited and the broccoli started to form heads when our temperatures dropped a little bit.  So it worked out fine. 


Apparently no one here has any experience growing broccoli, TBM.  


Sorry, TBM, but no experience here.  I live in south Florida and it just doesn't get cool enough to grow broccoli successfully.  I wish it did.


I started my first vegan garden this year (compost is all vegan and didn't use fertilizer) and I have been successful but I have not tried broccoli.  I have spinach, peas, carrots, onions, bell pepper, and tomatoes.  I am on my second year of growing herbs in my porch (basil, thyme, oregano, parsley, mint, stevia).  I have been wanting to try broccoli but I have heard that it can be difficult.  I live in a northern climate also.  I am interested in hearing from others who have grown it too so I will watch this thread. 

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