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need assist in veganizing this

Used to make this often, only balm i used for years. im not strict vegan myself but id like to convert this to be more friendly so i can share with my veg friends.

Peppermint Chocolate Lips Balms 30 grams -
15g Cocoa/Shea
7g Grapeseed/Emu
7.5g Beeswax
3 - 5 Drops Vitamin E Oil
6 - 8 Drops Pepperming EO

Melt first 3 ingredients till liquid then add E Oil and EO. Makes three small tins of a very firm lip balm.

main thing is to replace the wax and i know carnuba wax is not a 1:1 replacment so im not sure where to start. also i know i could just up the grapeseed oil but im looking for an equally moisturizing swap for the emu. it has to be liquid for the recipe to work any suggetions?

If you're going to melt the oils first anyway, and want it to firm up, why not try subbing coconut oil for the emu. I find it very effective as balm and it has antibacterial qualities.


good idea but not very practical in my warm climate. coconut oil only stays solid here in my kitchen might work pretty well in colder areas though. could still use it but i still need a wax to firm it. thank you

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