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vegan gardening

FYI, there is a vegan soil treatment called "Down to Earth Vegan Mix (3-2-2)" for gardening. It contains soybean meal, alfalfa meal, soft rock phosphate, lanbenite, kelp meal, greensand, and ground basalt stonemeal. No animal products.

Seeds of Change carries it, and it is $13 for a 6 lb. box.

Think Spring! (For us Northern Hemispherites)

Thanks Sparkle_J.  We hope to get a garden growing this year... right now our yard is just some really ugly grass weeds.  The existing boarders left by the previous owner are all overgrown and sad.  Now that the boys are older, and I don't have to worry about them running away on me, they might actually enjoy getting in the dirt!!  Lil' P was so excited when he saw the tulips starting to pop out of the planter... he remembers putting the bulbs in last September while his brother slept in the truck (I don't remember, but he does LOL)

I will pass your link on to my vegan B-I-L gardener!!

How are you btw.... I haven't 'seen' you 'round here in ages!!!



Is there anything wrong with using back to earth? I thought it was just cottonseed burr. That's what I always use anyway.


does any1 know how good chamomile and peppermint are for indoor garden? i got the seeds and want to plant them so i can make tea with them (mainly the chamomile) but want to make sure before i do anything.


Thanks for asking K2. I'm well enough considering I'm still in grad school and growing wearier of the whole thing by the minute. But I graduate in December, so the end is at least within sight. Looking forward to the Spring, that's for sure. We didn't get much of a winter here in southern New England. So, if it's not going to snow, I'd just rather it be spring already. Though, I can't actually get my hands in the dirt until May. You have tulips already? Wow! I forgot what it was like to live in a warmer zone! Our crocuses aren't even up yet. I'm sure they'll peep through the soil in a month or so.

Baypuppy: Any intro to gardening book will help you through the steps of garden prep, and will guide you to picking the right plants for your zone and microclimate. Your local library probably has some good choices. Good luck!

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