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No-Dig Gardening

If you've ever considered creating your own organic vegetable, herb or flower garden but imagined it would prove too big a task, think again.  Have you heard of the no-dig garden concept?  Let me encourage you to read more at this site: The website provides a good primer on the topic of no-dig gardening. I hope it will whet your appetite and inspire you.

I would love to hear comments from others who use, or have ever used, this method of gardening.  For those of us living in the southern hemisphere, spring has just sprung and planning for my summer garden is well underway.  Always an exciting undertaking for me. 

Wow. What an interesting concept... however... it seems like it will be more work than a "dig garden" would be! I have never thought a "dig garden" was complicated and I was raised on an organic farm where we had an organic garden that was an acre in size... actually now that I live in an apartment and can only have a container garden, I have even found that it is more work to have the plants in containers. Lacking the weeding of course!

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