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DIY pads/pantyliners

To all the Divas, menstruating ladies, and crafters of VW...

I use a Diva Cup, but sometimes I require additional protection (do I sound like a commercial yet?).
I see all kinds of reusable cloth pads/pantyliners for sale online, many including ridiculous patterns and colours which I find superfluous. Rather than buy the cloth pads from someone else, I would like to start making my own.

The pattern should be easy enough to figure out, but I don't know what sort of fabric to use!
...They'll need to be absorbent, but able to sort of "trap" the blood without just having it squeeze out like a sponge whenever I sit down (gross, yes, but what did You expect from this thread?). Also, the material should be easy enough to wash out by hand with regular soap and water, at least as a pre-wash before I collect enough to toss in a laundry load (if I go that route).

Does anyone have any suggestions for what kind of fabric / inner lining material I can use??

She made a pad with a pouch for a changeable inner pad made from flannel filled with terry cloth or cotton batting.  I'd go with the terry cloth and sew it in place.  I'd assume there are so many layers (two outer layers of the whole pad, and the outer layers of the inner pad that fit into the pouch and the filling) it doesn't leak before you'd have a chance to change the insert.


I bookmarked that site.... definitely going to make mine with pouches for replaceable pad inserts. Awesome.

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