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Quick snacks?

So with the way my life is its really difficult to sit still and cook meals for every meal of the day.. Does anyone have any ideas for delcious, quick snacks that have tons of flavor? I eat fruit constantly, but it gets repetitive quickly.. Any ideas?? :)

Hi! Yes, first, if you're into cooking, make big batches of yummy snacks -- bars, fruit leathers, there's lots of recipes on VegWeb: ! Just browse or search for what you want! -- when you have time, and then you'll have them for an entire week. I love big batch cooking and baking!

If you're looking for store-bought stuff, the list is endless! I love fruit leathers, Clif bars, ProBars, dark chocolate covered almonds, jicama and carrots, all kinds of nuts, crackers and chips (I love Tings! They're healthier vegan cheetos!), veggie gyoza from Trader Joe's, the list goes on! Ugh, I think I need a snack now.


Hi kaySee!I can't hardly compete with that advice but how about avocado toast,popcorn,english muffin pizzas,homemade granola or beans on toast.


Vegan cream cheese saltine sandwich. You could put sugarless jelly on that to.

Peanut butter and jelly saltine sandwich. (Both sugarless)

Cashews. Pistachios.

Vegan cookies.

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