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How do you comment on a recipe?

I'm new here and was wondering how to comment? Is it one of the things you can only do with a payed account? I'm not looking to review, just comment. THanks, and so sorry it isn't actually a recipe Q.  :-[

is reviewing that different to commenting? i'd personally just add my comment as part of the review section, i've noticed people seem to do that, and you don't have to rate the reciepe just to make a comment about it or say anything you feel is generally related to it. for example- i've seen that people comment about their personal feelings on the use of microwaves ( or whatever) in a reciepe, or how they'd like to know how much fat is in it, etc, in the review section.


No, it's just that I'd like to answer a question asked by someone and I havn't even tried the recipe yet (though I want to... we never have mushrooms in the house:-\). Also, it's just be nice to know how. BUt thanks, I may just review.

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