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Liquid Smoke - Vegan?


I've got a couple of recipes that call for liquid smoke and after reading the ingredients I'm wondering if it's vegan and too, if the other ingredients are too odd for me.  Is there something else that one could use as a substitute?

Thanks in advance.

I don't know of a substitute but I know there are several recipes here on VW that call for it, so at least some brands must be vegan. Check the recipes for things like vegan bacon and meat subs, maybe they will mention a particular brand.
If your recipe calls for paprika, you could use the smoked kind for that taste.


Colgin brand liquid smoke is vegan.


I believe all liquid smoke is vegan; the "smoke" flavor is made by burning wood. I'd read the ingredients to ensure there's no extra non-vegan thing in there.


Thank you thank you.  Now if only they would carry it at Wegmans.  Guess it's a 2 hour drive to GreenStar Cooperative market, one way, to get it or order it online. 

Some things about living in the ruralness make being a vegan hard!  It's worth it though, wouldn't trade it for anything.  :)


Why don't you ask the grocery store manager to order it? There are a couple of brands and they are all made with just water and smoke.  It is a common supermarket product.


That's a good idea!  They're usually pretty helpful at Wegmans. 

In my search online I actually found a site that mentioned making it by hand but I don't have the materials to do so.  It would be nice to be able to make my own though.  I wound up ordering it from Amazon this time.  I figured it cost less than driving for hours in order to get it. 

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