Scrumptious!  Tried this tonight and both hubby and I devoured it.  Can totally see how one would eat the whole pan at once.  I ended up adding a tad more balsamic and oil to the sauce.
This was delicious!  The recipe makes a TON, so you will have leftovers.  I guess anything that has 3 cans of black beans in it would make quite a bit.  Hubby and I used it as a burrito
My meat eating hubby actually ate it!  He hates lasagna (regular, that is).  Doesn't like the texture of ricotta cheese.  This one had the perfect porportion of sauce and cheese.&n
dak1333 added a comment on the recipe "Peanut Butter Cup" Bars:
Definitely what I was craving this weekend in the sweets category.  Who doesn't like chocolate and PB?  The graham crackers added a really nice element to this.  Mine came out a li
dak1333 added a comment on the recipe Tasty Grain Waffles:
Very delicious and easy!  I received a waffle iron as a Christmas gift, and its one of the best kitchen tools I own.  These waffles puffed up nicely and were very hearty in the same rite.&nb
dak1333 added a comment on the recipe Butternut Tofu Stuffed Shells:
These were pretty good!  I WAS a HUGE ricotta fan, so I don't think these taste exactly like the stuffed shells I'm used to, but this is a healthier, heartier twist.  I made a few
dak1333 added a comment on the recipe Ridiculously Yummy Black Bean Filling :
This actually was ridiculously yummy!  I gauge most of my responses on what my husband thinks because he's a bit more truthful about the taste than I am.  I'll make anything, as lo
dak1333 added a comment on the recipe Maple Frosting:
This was pretty good!  Reminiscent of the brown sugar and butter type frostings out there.  Came out nice and creamy.  Used it to top a beer bread spice cake mix that my hubby and I rea