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Vegan French Toast

What you need: 

2 cups vanilla nondairy milk (I use soy)
4 to 5 tablespoons flour
3 teaspoons vegan sugar
dash cinnamon
4 bread slices
nonstick spray
powdered sugar, to taste

What you do: 

1. In a bowl, mix together nondairy milk, flour, sugar, and cinnamon to form a batter.
2. Dip bread in batter and fry in lightly greased pan until golden brown.
3. Serve sprinkled with vegan powdered sugar.

Preparation Time: 
15 minutes, Cooking time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 
10 minutes
Recipe Category: 


Mine turned out almost too gooey, I think because the bread was very soft & flimsy. Next time I'm going to try with a cut-up baguette. The taste was still good!


I just made this for the fourth time. It's a great recipe, but if you like a very crunchy outside, with the soft and fluffy inside add two tbsp egg replacer to the liquid. I did this the past three times and it really makes for a nice crunch.


OH MY GOD.  This is delicious!!!  The recipe makes a LOT of batter, so I put the rest in a container to use over the next few days.  A+!!!


Hmmmm, hi again :) Fed these to my veggie (but non-vegan) boyfriend and tried the oven trick at the end. He (somewhat reluctantly :P) declared that he thought they were better than the real thing! Success :)


These were really wonderful! I definitely agree with just dipping them in quickly on both sides to prevent soggyness. I didn't do it this time, but I think the next time I make it I'll definitely add a few additional minutes in the oven. Regardless it was SOOO GOOD :)


Although I am not vegan and neither is my family, I often have to look up vegan recipes because my 2 year old is allergic to milk and egg (among other food allergies too) although she is "growing out of" her milk allergy I still keep it to a very minimum exposure. Anyway, hope you all don't hate me for that... I did cook it in a small amount of butter but that was only because I ran out of my vegan buttery spread which is DELICIOUS (I actually prefer it to butter!) and instead of using soy milk I used vanilla HEMP milk (my fav brand it TEMPT....sooo decadent and deliciously rich). I mixed in flour, dash of cinnamon and used a small amount of brown sugar. It was absolutely amazing. I try to never cook soy milk because when you heat soy it changes the chemical make-up of the food and makes it sort of bad for you not to mention, taste bitter. Hemp milk is about a creamy as 1/2 and 1/2 and just tastes delicious, sweetened or plain. This will become a regular thing in our house. Thanks for the wonderful recipe. ;)b

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My omni boyfriend poked his head into the kitchen while I was making this to tell me how much it was going to suck compared to egg-based french toast (his favorite breakfast food). I had him try a piece of mine and his reaction was, "Hmm, it's not that bad ... It kinda tastes like french toast ... hey ... wow ... it's actually really good ... Thank you!!" And then he proceeded to grab my whole piece.  :)

I am THOROUGHLY addicted to this recipe. You should be, too.  :D


This was SOOOOO good!  I used some 7 grain bread and put some Earth Balance in the pan instead of spray.  Topped it with some pure maple syrup, powdered sugar and fresh strawberries.  YUMMY!!!


I took some great liberties with this, but it worked out beautifully! Take my advice, you MUST try my variation. It's based on a dish served in Disney World, called Tonga Toast.

Basically I poured some soymilk in a bowl (didn't measure), added 3-4 T flour, 1 T sugar, several shakes of cinnamon, and then whisked that together with a fork. I cut 1" thick slices of sourdough bread, cut a slit through the middle of that (not cutting all the way through, you're making a pocket here), and stuffed it with sliced banana. See where this is going? After dipping each side of the bread in the soymilk mixture, I fried these over medium heat in half canola oil, half Earth Balance for ~2 minutes per side. Each serving was topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar and a big drizzle of syrup. MMMMMM. My omni boyfriend said this was one of the best breakfasts he's ever had. It's not exactly a slenderizing recipe, definitely a treat, but I promise you it's totally worth it! Enjoy!



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