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Website Recommendations

Is there any interest in a place to recommend websites, be they food-focussed or otherwise?  I imagine that people would provide the appropriate URL link (obviously) and a brief description.  Any takers?  If this interests you, go for it here. . . . .

OK, for starters, here is a lnk to a website called It is an excellent source for images of all kinds.  I use it often  to collect artwork to accompany my blog posts.  For example, enter 'chagall' in the search box, find a work you like, click on it and when it appears on a new page, save it.

Alternatively, for those with a more natural bent, you may enjoy Dharma Bums' thoughts, not to mention wonderful photography.  A good example is the February 7 post entitled Enough Already, which alludes, in an extraordinary way to the much publicised Mohammed cartoon furore and its accompanying debate about the boundaries of free speech.    

Thanks for the link to newdharmabums. Excellent photos & I really liked Enough Already. I too wonder why KKKarl & the whole cabal are not in jail.


The news breaks my heart anew everyday. I feel like a casualty in the war that's been declared on liberal thought, on thinking altogether. My logic does not protect me from the insidious craziness that commands the media.

and I really liked this...

My twin brother just sent me an email that concluded:
The earth is the real reason life is good. It has nothing to do with human beings.

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